The name falkner stands surety for the following facts

the upper part of the mühlviertel is the ideal location in order to think of the essential 

Because trade has been carried on for centuries here, because the Bohemian forest is the cradle of the proverbial Mühlviertler morale and the quality requirement which is closely associated with it and because that wood grows in calm here which real high-class equipment is made from.Therefore, our small family owned company has been a name for honest and first-class joinery work for 65 years because top quality of a product only increases by experience. The equipment you work with has to possess personality and has to emit confidence like the therapist or masseur himself.

Products from Messrs. Falkner have been matured into perfect assistants with brain, heart and soul in steady cooperation with leading therapy and healing practices. A massage table from Messrs. Falkner fulfills any individual requirement in a comprehensively professional manner no matter if made of massive native ash wood, beech, nut or luxury wood, no matter if it is a simple base model or an object for representation in a top design.

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